Automatic floor tiling robot

CBot’s ground-breaking robot for large floor tiling will increase your productivity and alleviate much of the effort and strain you feel during the tiling process. The first robot is developed for Terrazzo tiling on thick-mortars beds and is designed to fit right into your current process with minimal changes to the current work flow.

Effortless tiling

When using a robot for the tiling process, the work can be organised in some different ways. Below is a description of the worker roles which will be needed when using an automatic tiling robot.




Responsible for the handling of and monitoring of the robot and its measurement systems. Ensures correct height of mortar bed and level of compression / adhesion. Inspects tiles and serves them to the robot using a loading trolley.




Mixes mortar and fills the next row with mortar and uses a trowel to ensure that the mortar bed is smooth and unruffled.





Reference frame

As a start, laying a frame of reference tiles is done manually. The reference tiles defines floor height etc. The frame is laid by following established methods of the trade.


A new row of mortar is placed on the floor and evened out. The robot’s external measurement system is moved to the previously laid row of tiles.

Tile top-up

The robot’s tile depository is filled by using a loading trolley. Up to 21 Terrazzo tiles or up to 55 thinner tiles can be loaded per top-up.


The robot is placed where the tiling is to be done. The operator is aided in the placement by aiming sights. At each placed position the robot tiles up to 8 tiles.


The robot’s unique measurement and guidance system allows for the tiles to be laid with an accuracy and repeatability unmatched by human skills. The robot’s method of laying tiles also yields a far superior adhesion.

Completed frame

The area within the frame is completed and the process starts over within a new reference frame.